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3-year 100% top to bottom warranty against premature wear & tear

The Cosmas USA exclusive 3-year 100% warranty

Cosmas USA is so confident that we offer the best boots, that we back it up with the only 3-year 100% top to bottom warranty against premature wear & tear. No other manufacturer offers any warranty against premature wear & tear. We also offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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Maximum comfort, performance & protection

Combines a flexible advanced textile composite in the forefoot area with a stiff, supportive glass fiber reinforced composite from the arch back to the heel. The textile composite puncture plate offers insulation against heat & cold, plus maximum flexibility. Cosmas USA takes this one step further (no pun intended) by coating the textile composite puncture plate with fiberglass to fix its only weakness, which is that the textile composite puncture plate alone can allow pins and needles to penetrate with little effort. Cosmas USA fixes this issue with the fibergalss coating. Another Cosmas USA exclusive !

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100% nitrile soles

Offers the best slip resistance in wet & icy conditions

Nitrile rubber is recognized as an excellent material to protect against chemical agents (i.e. nitrile gloves), and is also an excellent material to protect against petroleum products (i.e. oil & gas). Our proprietary blend also offers the best slip resistance of any sole on any fire boot.

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Contoured solid ankle guards

Protect ankles from knocks and dings - an industry first
by Cosmas.

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Full-grain leather

The best guarantee that your boots will last longer and protect you better.

Full-grain leather is the best quality leather available. Any other name is not full-grain leather, and is not as good.

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North American Firefighter last

The perfect last, for the perfect fit

The last is what you build the boot around. Cosmas measured over 2500 North American firefighter's feet, to develop the perfect last that offers the best fitting fire boot.

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Doffing tab

Cosmas USA innovation for easy removal of your boots

Cosmas USA was the first company to introduce the doffing to an NFPA-certified fire boot. This Cosmas USA innovation allows our users to easily remove their leather boots, even when they are wet, without causing premature wear & tear on the sole of the boot.

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What people say

“ These are the best bunker boots I’ve ever worn! At -40 without my wool socks on I was comfortable. The AnkleArmor works amazingly well. The soles have great traction on both hard surfaces and ice. Usually it’s one or the other. I don’t know how they do it, but they even work on vinyl floor with a layer of ice on it. I usually wear out soles in a year and after 6 months, these soles still look brand new. I will never buy anything different.”

Andrew Hamlin, North Pole, AK

“ As a Chief Officer, I wanted to convey to you how pleased I am with the Cosmas Boots. Having worn the Cosmas Boots for approximately 2 months and having worn them at two Incidents that were over 3 hours each, now I will let you know that I would never go back to the competitor Leather Boot. These boots are even more comfortable than the tennis shoes.”

Mark D. Nixon, Battalion Chief, Decatur, IL

“ These are bar-none the best boots I have ever used. The pad around the top stops all chafing. I have worn these boots on the drill pad for 6-8 hours a day for a solid week at times with no problems at all. You had to think “Outside the box” to make a boot this firefighter friendly.”

Mike Word, Jackson, MI

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