-The Cosmas Fit Story-A better fitting boot from the ground up.

We’ve had many comments that Cosmas Boots fit differently than other boots.  That’s by design!  The last, or form, that Cosmas Boots are made on is different from other lasts because we actually developed a special just for North American firefighters. While other manufacturers use standard lasts usually made in Asia, Cosmas went out and measured the feet of over 2500 North American firefighters to develop a special last based on the specific dimensions of the feet of North American firefighters. Lasts come in many shapes, from inexpensive lasts that bear little resemblance to the foot, to expensive, technical lasts that closely mimic the contours of the foot.  Cosmas uses a specially developed last that resembles the natural shape of the North American firefighter’s foot.  It is narrower in the heel and wider in the forefoot.  This results in a better fitting boot from the ground up.


Feet are like other body parts…everyone has them and no two body parts are exactly alike.  You could take three people that all have size 10 feet, and all could fit into the boots differently.  If person #1 has no arch, person #2 has a medium arch and person #3 has a very high arch, they will all have a different fitting experience.  One person may have to go up a half size, and another may have to go up a width.  Then take into consideration the fact that very few people have left and right feet that are the same size, and you increase the number of variables yet again.  For example, if a person’s right foot is a half size larger than his left, or maybe a width larger, he would need to buy boots to fit the larger foot.


When a boot has laces, it allows you to make slight adjustments by loosening or tightening those laces.  Conversely, a pull-on boot has no laces for adjustments.  When designing a pull-on, be it a western boot or a fire boot, you have to make a series of compromises.  Make the vamp, or arch area, too tight and it will be tough to get on.  Make it too big, and the boot will be sloppy.  Make the top opening too big and it will fit the 3% of the people with huge calves, but will be too cumbersome for the other 97%.  The trick is to design a boot that will provide the best fit for the majority of people. Cosmas USA has developed our boots by measuring the feet of over 2500 North American firefighters, which ensures that you will be able to find your perfect fit, as long as you take the time to try a few different sizes on.


As described above, the Cosmas last is an important part of the Cosmas fit.  It is anatomically narrower in the heel and wider in the forefoot.  Partner the Cosmas last with the Cosmas heel lock system and you have a boot that holds the foot in place for a better, more secure fit.

Cosmas is a much more “fitted” boot than the competition.  You definitely get a better fitting boot, but there’s less margin for error when you’re fitting a Cosmas boot.  Let’s look at it this way.  At one point in time, rubber fire boots only came in full sizes.  They fit so loose and sloppy that if you were a 10 or a 10.5 it really didn’t matter, there was enough tolerance in the boot to accommodate your foot.  In our experience, we’ve found that a lot of competitor leather boots haven’t improved the fit all that much over the fit of rubber boots.  Cosmas fits like a hiking boot with no sloppy feeling.  We believe the minimal extra effort required to ensure proper fitting more than pays off for the firefighter who will enjoy the benefit of having the best fitting boot on the market for years to come.


Cosmas boots fit true-to-size according to a Brannock Device, the instrument commonly used in specialty shoe stores in the US to measure feet.  But the Brannock Device is just a starting point. There is more to a boot fitting than the base of your foot. There is the arch, the thickness of the foot, the size of the leg (calf & heel), etc.

We suggest that when you size yourself up with our boots, you start by using at least half a size (or a full size even) higher than what they are currently using. This is not because of the Cosmas fit, but because of the initial impression that you will get when trying on our boots. If the boot is too small on the first try, then the initial impression will be that the boots are tight and don’t fit well. Whereas if the boot is too big, then you will not have the same negative initial impression as the boot feels “roomier”. You can adjust your size from there. It’s all about the initial impression.

There is no easy, one-size-fits-all option.  Therefore, we feel comfortable with the way our boots fit and so do the thousands of satisfied clients.


Firefighters from all over the country are telling us that Cosmas Boots fit better and are more comfortable than any other firefighting boots they have ever worn.  Many tell us they’re even more comfortable than their expensive running shoes!  You can’t make everyone happy, but if 90% of the firefighters love the way Cosmas fits, then we’re confident that we’re doing something right.