-Stitching-The most important part of a leather fire boot is the seams

StitchingLook for quality

The most important part of a leather fire boot may not be what first comes to mind. Many might think it’s the leather, or the liner, or the outsole. But in reality, the most important part of a leather fire boot are the seams (i.e. the stitching). The seams in a boot represent the weakest point, and thus the most susceptible to breakage. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that your leather boots have the best quality stitching possible.

Although the quality of the thread used in the stitching is important, the fact is that all leather boot manufacturers use the same type of stitching thread. A more appropriate way of determining if your boots have the best stitching is to just look at the seams and count the number of stitching lines. The more stitching lines, the better.

ConclusionLook for triple stitching

  • If a leather fire boot only has one line of stitching, then you can be sure that there will be problems, and fast.
  • If a leather fire boot has two lines of stitching, it is much better than just one line and should last longer.
  • If a leather fire boot has three lines of stitching, then you know you are looking at a quality boot. Some boots only have triple stitching lines at the bottom of the boot, around the area that surrounds the foot. But other boots have triple stitching lines everywhere on the boot, that is what you should be looking for. This is the best guarantee that your weak spots (i.e. the seams) will be better protected and the boot will last longer.

Conclusion: Look for triple stitching throughout the leather fire boot you want to purchase.